Friday, October 27, 2006

consequences of pissing off big guys

so, i was watching ducks vs. oilers hockey game and the highlight of the game was pronger facing oilers and oilers fan. the announcer guy said 'i am from the area, and folks there don't forget...' meaning pronger will have this 'please trade me out of edmonton to say anaheim...' tag on his back for the rest of his career. there were oilers fans showing jersey number 44, pronger's old number, with big red circle and diagnal line across it, the sign of banning, sprayed on it.

for the same token, we are witnessing what happens when you piss off oracle badly enough. heh. redhat bought jboss up, and paid in its stock heading down from its good 30plus a share and as if that's not bad enough, oracle's out to get redhat for stealing jboss away from its acquisition list.

should that be a lesson for north korea not to piss off the great united states? lol. last summer north korea's been begging for attention with nuclear test threat, and got no attention whatsoever. so it fired away its test, and now it's got attention from united states alright. america is vowing to just wipe out the country. oh my... and it's getting bad attention from the rest of the world as well. makes fidel castro look an angel, not?

anyways, just made me wonder if it's good thing to piss off big guys and stand up or it's just stupid.

time will tell. we'll see how pronger's career pans out, how redhat fights back to oracle (or not), and if there will finally be unification of two koreas, peacefully or not.

what lesson does it teach me? heh, i'm chicken. stay out of conflict, and be a giant myself. that's the lesson.


Thursday, October 26, 2006

remembering sun linux

it's no eulogy, as i am assuming sun linux still is in existance?

hmm... isn't oracle linux the same thing as what sun linux was a few years back?

sun microsystems tried something similar, its CD with general purpose server had sun logo on the top but everybody said it's redhat linux stripped.

heh, i guess that will take out a bit of fume I had toward Oracle.

guess the only reason Oracle forces Redhat stock tumble, and attention from wall street is because it's big, rich and has track record of hostile take over, of sorts.



Friday, October 20, 2006

wow, what does hybrid hard disk mean?

came across: " Samsung's Hybrid Hard Drive Exposed",

well, actually it was posted on slashdot.

a hybrid hard disk? a hybrid car means mixing gasoline and electricity in running a car, and reducing emission and gas burning for cheaper fuel and better air control.

what does a hybrid hard disk do? other than to sound cool?

will there be more hybrid coming out? hybrid monitor? hybrind desktop? hybrid laptop? hybrid ... human?

at the rate new and better size HD come into the market, i'm a bit scared to purchase a HD. what if I buy a gig today and find out that in 2 weeks that's old and cheap and there's 5gig ones for the same price I bought 1 gig HD?

the photo of hybrid HD looks slick, and flash memory usage sounds cool.

i'm ignorant of hybrid expansion in computer hardware market. will have to read more and research more, to be somewhat better informed.

just was a pretty shocking thing for me to note today.


reviving jane austin: "Darcy's Story" by Janet Aylmer

By some random luck, I learned that there's a book titled "Darcy's Story", Darcy being the famous character from Jane Austin's "Pride & Prejudice".

Austin's book is from author's view with close examination of the main character, Elizabeth Bennett's reasons and emotions.

This new book by author Janet Aylmer is from Darcy's perspective, at how Lizzy's family approaches his friend and himself, and how he reacts to things blossoming.

I've not yet had a chance to read it yet, as I found out only 30sec. ago myself.

Being a big fan of Jane Austin and having been some what bored with reading some random books here and there, I'm intrigued.

note to self to check this book out when going to Stacey's or Borders by new Bloomingdale in downtown.


Friday, October 06, 2006

duh, imap over ssl uses port 993

my ignorant got tested again when i reconfigured my ssh tunnel to use imap instead of pop, to get into company's vpn.

i've spent quite a few times, first trying with with port 110, then with suggestion from company's mailinglist i switched over to 993. yet, it didn't occur to me that 993 is imap port over ssl.
as soon as an in-house consultant clicked thunder bird's account configuration window's checkbox for ssl connection, i'm fetching some 7000 emails.


heehee, next is re-setting email filters to folders properly. i hear many bemoaning about it at the office, too.